Soviet KGB Naval borderguards parade dress uniform Obr.58

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Tunic only
300 EUR
325 USD
EUR 50-52
US 40-42

Soviet KGB Naval borderguards
Obr.58 parade dress uniform

Seldom seen early parade uniform for a captain III rank (kapitan tret'yevo ranga) within the KGB Naval borderguards, engineering branch. The uniform is a Obr.58 model double breasted uniform, very early as the KGB Naval borderguards were formed in 1957. The shoulder boards have the borderguard green piping and one large silver metal star and hammer and wrench insignia for the rank of captain III rank of naval engineering, equal to a major, on golden base. The sleeves has sewn-on rank patches with three stripes, correct for the rank.

The tunic is made from fine wool and the lining is in good condition for its age, there are a few spots from wear but nothing that distracts from the overall appearance and condition of the tunic. There are also imprints and traces from awards that have been worn on the uniform. An interesting detail is that the buttons are three piece, the bright brass front, back sides that seems to origin as wartime green buttons and the attachment loops. The collar has brass decorations.

The size of the uniform is about size 52 russian or 42US. As the cap and trousers used for this uniform would be standard navy pieces, the completion of the uniform should be less of a challenge to the collector. The last photo, Photo 8, show the uniform with visor cap and belt - please inquire if these are of interest as these can be added separately.

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