DDR NVA Motorisierte Schützen Major Parade Uniform

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Visor cap
8 medals
2 badges
Very good

East German NVA Motorisierte Schützen
Major Parade uniform

East German 1970-1980s parade uniform for a major, Mberst of the East German army, the Nationale Volksarmee, the NVA. This uniform was introduced in the 1970s and was worn as parade uniform with awards, badges, aiguilette and the silver belt. The piping color on this particular tunic is white for the motorised infantry and the shoulder boards are silver with one golden 'pip' each for the rank of Major.

The two award bars include the silver and bronze degree of the Merit medals, silver and bronze level of Waffenbruderschaft medals and all four classes of the Dienstmedaille - the service medals - for 20 years of service. On the wearers right is a Soviet graduation badge and a Sportabzeichen.

The uniform is in very good condition with few traces of wear and almost spotless from damages. The uniform has a total of four silver buttons with edges, as used by the NVA.

The size of the uniform is about size 50-52 europan with a size 56 visor cap. Notice that the belt is not for sale and that the uniform comes with breeches for wear with boots.

While East German uniforms used to be generously available, sources have decreased - especially for complete sets that are not surplus. Do not miss this opportunity to acquire a wonderful East German uniform!

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