DDR NVA LSK Luftstreitkräfte Captain Hauptmann Daily uniform

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar
3 badges


East German Hauptmann
Medizinischer Dienst
Luftstreitkräfte der NVA
Daily uniform

East German 1984 dated daily uniform for a medical captain, Hauptmann of the East German Air Force, the Luftstreitkräfte der DDR, Medizinischer Dienst. The uniform is the standard officers daily attire, stamped with inventory tags for 1984.

The ribbon bar holds a total of four awards including the Peoples army merit medal, bronze class, Brotherhood in Arms bronze class and the 5 and 10 years of service medals. The collar tabs are the airforce junior officer type with metal insignia. On the wearers right is a Qualifikationsspange for air force technical and administrative personnel and a graduation badge from a Soviet medical university. Below these is a NVA military sports badge.

There are two holes from where the Qualifikationspange has been moved to a lower position at some point, likely to accomodate the graduation badge. The shoulder boards are silver with four golden 'pips' each for the rank of captain - plus the medical serpent insignia.

The uniform is in very good, somewhat worn condition and carry an NVA manufacturing stamp on the inside. The uniform has a total of four metal buttons with edge, as used by the NVA, and sky blue piping at the sleeves and trousers.

The size of the uniform is about size 48-50 europan or 38US. The visor cap is an East german size 56.

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