Soviet Air force colonel daily uniform with overcoat

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Visor cap
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Colonel of air force technics
Viktor Dmitrievich Golovachenko
Obr.69 daily uniform with overcoat

Daily dress uniform of colonel of the Soviet air force, dating from the mid 1970s. The uniform is a standard officers style daily attire with the corresponding overcoat for autumn and spring use.

The shoulder boards have sky piping which is also found along the legs of the trousers and the band of the cap - as well as the collar tabs which carry the aviation technical insignia. This uniform is however especially interesting by the fact that in the pocket was found documents that attributes the set to air force technician colonel Viktor Dmitrievich Golovachenko, born in 1924 in Kurskaja Oblast, Sachenskij rajon, Ternovka and joined the Soviet airforce 1942 where he was in service until 1974, then attached to airforce reserve. His awards included two For Combat Service, For Capture of Konigsberg, Victory over Germany and the 1985 Order of Patriotic War - plus a likely number of post-war anniversary and jubilee awards.

The rank of colonel is indicated by the three large stars on each shoulder. All front buttons are present and carry the hammer and sickle in a star and the buttons are dated 68. There are traces from both badges and ribbon bar on this uniform, which is small size but in generally very good condition.

The size of the uniform is 48 and the visor cap is size 55. Both are in good, worn condition without damages beyond what can be expected from daily wear. The cap is a nice Obr.69 Soviet era visor cap dating from the mid 1970s when the golden cord was introduced to be worn on the daily service caps. The uniform comes with the mentioned overcoat as well.

The documents found in the pocket of the uniform invites Viktor Dmitrievich to a war veteran meeting at a local Officers House on 8th of May, 1979. While further details on Viktor Dmitrievich following the war are sparse, he was still around in 1985. [Go to top] | Republic of Finland
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