DDR NVA LaSK Landstreitkräfte Colonel Oberst Gala Gesellschaftsuniform uniform

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Tunic only



East German NVA Oberst

East German 1970-1980s "galauniform", also known as Gesellschaftsuniform, for a colonel, Oberst of the East German Peoples Army, the NVA or Nationale Volksarmee. This uniform was a semi-formal gray uniform introduced in the 1970s and was worn either with aiguilette and the four highest award or sans the aiguilette with a ribbon bar. The piping color on this particular tunic is white for motorized infantry whereas other branches used other colors.

There are faint traces of a ribbon bar or possibly a pinback award bar, and a small trace from a graduation badge. The shoulder boards are silver with three golden 'pips' each for the rank of colonel.

The uniform is in very good, hardly worn condition. The uniform has a total of four silver buttons with edge, as used by the NVA, and theoretically the tunic can be closed both male and female style, although the intention is for male wear. Under the wearers right collar is a button where an aigulette can be attached should the tunic be worn as the Grosser Gesellschaftsanzug.

The size of the uniform is about size 54 europan, a fairly large size being officially an east german sg56 size.

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