Soviet Air force colonel daily uniform

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar
4 badges
Good+ (tunic) Very good (breeches) Very good (visor cap)
400 EUR
430 USD

Colonel of air force
Obr. 69 daily uniform

Well kept daily dress uniform for a colonel of the Soviet air force, dating from the 1970-1980s. The uniform is a standard officers style daily attire for day to day office and duty wear.

The uniform has sky blue piping along the edges of the shoulder boards as well as along the legs of the breeches and the band of the cap. The collar tabs carry the proper aviation insignia. The rank of colonel is indicated by the three large metal stars on each shoulderboard, and the wearers right shoulder seems to have provision for running the cross-strap belt underneath the board. All front buttons are present and carry the hammer and sickle in a star and are two-piece version with black backside.

On the wearers left is a sewn on ribbon bar including the Order of the Great Patriotic War II class, two Order of the Red Star, medal for defense of Stalingrad, Capture of Berlin and Capture of Koenigsberg - and numerous anniversary and jubilee awards. On the wearers right is a graduation badge from a military academy, a 1950s Red guards badge and a wonderful screwback 1950s navigator/pilot wing. On the collar is an enamel and brass Latvian SSR City council badge.

The size of the uniform is 48-50 and the visor cap is size 56. The tunic is in good, worn condition with traces from daily wear, especially the cloth ribbon bar is both worn and faded. The visor cap is a nice 1970-1980s Soviet era visor cap with post-1975 golden cord. There is no manufacturer mark on the sweatshield. The uniform comes with breeches for wear with leather boots.

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