Soviet MVD colonel parade uniform with maroon piping M1969

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Visor cap
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1 order
11 medals
2 badges

Soviet MVD colonel
Obr.69 parade uniform

Soviet M1969 parade uniform for a MVD - Soviet internal forces - colonel. The MVD served, in short, as the internal watchdog of the Soviet Union, dealing with riots, public unrest, demonstrations and protesters together with the Militia. This uniform type and maroon/brick red branch color was introduced in 1969 regulations.

The shoulder boards are golden with three metal golden stars and the collar tab insignia are army type on maroon backing. The buttons are two-piece with black back. Overall, the uniform is a standard army cut set in high quality wool. The shoulder boards are somewhat oxidized and faded and there are some spots on the wearers right sleeve which likely can be wiped off.

The awards on the uniform indicate a career in the MVD from around 1955 onwards with awards including the Order of Red Banner of Labor, For Protection of Public Order, Veteran Serviceman, Honoured MVD employee, anniversary medals from the postwar era including the 1967 "50th anniversary of Soviet militia" and irreproachable service awards (I and II class are MVD, III class is army type) and graduation badge from the highest MVD academy.

The size of the uniform is about size 52 russian or 40-42US. The visor cap is a size 55. The uniform comes with matching wave green, maroon piped trousers. The belt is not included, but a similar is offered as a separate and optional purchase. Needless to say, this uniform in its completeness is a very rare piece and a must-have for the cold-war uniform collector. NotaBene, the medal For Protection of Public Order is a likely restrike award.

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