Soviet Naval aviation captain III rank service uniform

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Sleeve patch
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Soviet naval aviation
Captain III rank
daily service uniform

Very well kept and very rare daily uniform with sewn-in white collar for a captain III rank, equal to a major, of the Soviet naval airforce, early postwar. The uniform style was worn 1943-1951, with golden shoulder boards with metal silver stars, correct for the time and era. The buttons are brass anchor style, all present, including the double cuff buttons. The tunic is made from dark blue wool.

The shoulderboards hold one large metal star och golden backing with sky blue piping for the rank of captain III degree, equal to a major. On the wearers left sleeve is an embroidered aviation patch featuring wings, propeller and the red star. The patch is sewn onto the sleeve but not through the lining. There are no other decorations or awards on the uniform, even though a uniform like this one would have been worn with ribbon bars.

Overall, the uniform tunic is in very good condition and shows only light wear. The size for the tunic is US40 or EUR50-52. This said, this uniform is a highly desired collectible and sold as such, not as a wearable.

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