Soviet Air Force Major General daily uniform Obr.69

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Soviet Air Force Major General
daily uniform M1969

Well kept daily service uniform for a Soviet aviation major general and war veteran. The uniform is made from olive gabardine with sky blue piping around collar, along shoulderboards and at the sleeves. The trousers are matching in high quality tailoring, material and shape - with wide stripes along the leg length. The shoulder boards have rich embroidery with oxidized golden stars, correct for the Obr.69 uniform and equally rich collar embroideries. The buttons are hallmarked Mossthamp '80' which matches up with the ribbon bar.

The decorations in the ribbon bar include twice Order of the Red Star, Order of Patriotic War I class, Order for Service in Armed Forces III class, medal for Bravery, medal for victory over Germany, plus postwar awards including irreproachable service awards, anniversary and commemorative awards - and finally a Mongolian award.

On the wearers left is a silver graduation badge from a military academy and a very nice embroidered navigator badge, which may be the centerpiece of this uniform.

Overall, the uniform set is in excellent condition shows light to medium wear. The uniform itself roughly dates from the early 1980s. The size for the tunic is 54 (44, L-XL). The uniform comes with shirt and tie as shown in the photo. Soviet general rank uniforms have turned very scarce lately, don't miss this opportunity to add this uniform to your aviation, coldwar or Soviet collection!

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